Private lessons are the single greatest investment that a parent can make in their child’s musical career, especially in band! Private Lessons allow for students an uninterrupted, individualized instructed lesson from a master teacher and player of their instrument. Students who are in lessons progress through the band curriculum much faster, and with more comprehension and understanding than other students. While there are

always exceptions every year, the majority of students in lessons in 6th grade tend to comprise the majority of the top 2 bands at RNJH!

Invest in your child’s education from the beginning in order for them to have the greatest opportunity for music success in band! Below is a list of private lessons teachers that are hired and recommended by the JJ Pearce Cluster Band Staff to teach our students. Please contact them directly to schedule and setup lessons.


    Lessons occur once a week and cost only $18 per lesson. Lessons can either occur before school or after school at either JJ Pearce, North JH, or at the private teacher’s home. Parents are welcome and encouraged to join in on lessons and learn along side the student. When a student sees that the lessons and the instrument are important to the parents, the student usually invests more of their time into making learning a new instrument a priority. This results in a much more enjoyable experience for all!

Your weekly lesson time and location is figured out with the lesson teacher. While the band directors may be able to assist, most of the lesson process is handled directly with the lesson staff!

Pearce Cluster Lesson Staff Info


** If you ever have trouble getting in contact with a lesson staff member, please contact the directors immediately to let us know. We can help! **